War on the Shore Schedule


1 pm: All line-ups into trackwrestling for t-shirt printing of the names

Thursday – questions to John Siarkas 301-674-3991 or j.siarkas@comcast.net

You can change lineups until 5 pm
5pm rosters are frozen for seeding meeting
5pm Seeding meeting in room a-174 at SDHS (all are welcome)
After the tournament is frozen at 5pm only scratches
(absolutely no replacements) may be given until the scales open at 1:30 on Friday – then they become forfeits

Friday –Buses arrive at hotel after noon (12pm) or at SDHS after 1:15

Weighins – 1:30-2:00 – JV will weigh in after varsity with their coach / turn in jv weights to bill duck or email them to – bduck@wcboe.org

3:00pm                Round of 32

3:45pm                Round of 16

6:00pm                Quarter Finals

7:30pm                1st & 2nd Round Consi’s

8:15pm                3rd Round Consi’s

9:30pm                4th round Consi’s

Saturday (Varsity Main Gym All Day) – JV only wrestles Saturday

weighins – begin at 8:00 -8:30 am by team – All JV wrestlers need to be at SDHS by 8:30 AM

8:45     JV Round 1 – All Mats, after 9:45 JV will use mats 3-5 all day

10:00am              Semi Finals

12:00n                  Consi Qtrs

1:30pm                Consi Semis

3:30pm                7th/8th

4:15pm     5th / 6th

4:30pm                Break

5:15pm                Finals Intro

5:30pm                Finals and 3rd/4th –  2 mats same time… starting at 106