Results from the 2017 Tournament

2017 team scores(pdf)

2017 bracket (pdf)

Results from the 2016 Tournament

JV: 2016 JV results (pdf)

Varsity: 2016 results (pdf)

Results from the 2015 Tournament

JV: 2015 JV results (pdf)

Varsity: 2015 varsity results (pdf)

Results from the 2013 Tournament

JV: 2013 JV results (pdf)

Varsity: 2013 Varsity results (pdf)

Results from the 2012 Tournament

2012 Varsity results (pdf)

2012 JV Results (pdf)

Results from the 2011 Wrestling Tournament

2011 Varsity Results (pdf)

Results from the 2010 Wrestling Tournament

The below files contain results from the 2010 tournament:

Results from Previous Tournaments

Results from previous years are stored here. Please note that the results pages do not contain links back to the main site; you will need to go back to manually!

Tournament Results: